Pontung the way


* 99 percent of videos feature the same type of deal: street montage with intermittent found-footage of a simpsons episode/skaters being skaters off the board, insert brand collaboration here.
The “weird” different stuff is often far and few between; Pontus fans find themselves starved for artistic takes on the skate video betwix lofty titles. Don’t get me wrong, there’s heaps of dope mags and collectives out there turning their gaze away from the (North) American extravaganza and devising new ways of doing, putting out really interesting stuff. Just never enough. Here I present my new and totally interesting idea, via 99 percent invisible, a neat podcast on architecture in all its meanings: a montage film of sessions at all these concrete arrows dotted across the US that used to mark a crow’s route for airmail pilots. Read/listen here.


Useful zine-making for the end.

* Jesse Bernasconi let loose some clips of his crew skating Brisbane, GC and surrounds. Show some Love to that big-set shove!

* One way to sneak out of kooksville is to document the scene; this guy’s got the right idea.

* Theguystokes channel mob from Melbourne show us around Adelaide, it’s the new Japan.


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