Wanna see Steve Caballero do a dab? NOT CLICKBAIT


* Winter Bright showcase, featuring Steve Daballero.

“The 6th edition of the Bright European Skateboard Awards is a wrap.
The night was hot and the drinks flowed. Thank you for coming.

Here are the results:
European Skater of the Year: Daan Van Der Linden
European Female Skater of the Year: Josie Millard
Brand of the Year: Sour Skateboards
Shop of the Year: FTC Barcelona
Rookie of the Year: Jacopo Carrozi
Photographer of the Year: Alex Pires
Videographer of the Year: Ben Chadourne
Video part of the Year: Daan Van Der Linden
Video of the Year: Polar: I like it here inside my mind. Don’t wake me up this time.
Skate Aid Charity of the Year: SOS Children Village Palestine
Media of the Year: Grey Skate Mag

Thanks to Vans, Free Skate Mag, Skate Aid and Budvar.”

* Pros, pros everywhere.

Manu Hepi for 138


Josh Ranga Stanley for Folklore

* Seems they’re building something new a la Huntington Beach’s Van Doren Invitational bowl over at Manly.

Vans Park Series SYDNEY!!!

Park Series Tour info here.


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