Close to the Ground: “Dying on a skateboard is queer because it blurs the skate/die binary”


First up I want to extend an invitation to anyone out there making art to survive to join us in two months when we launch the first issue of the magazine. We’re taking submissions of interest for writers, photographers and illustrators right now and forever so head over here if you want to get in touch and get your stuff out there.





Comics and zine stuff:




“Skating is for everyone and anyone. accomplishing something so small or big is always so special. Lets be honest, we aren’t the same and we are all going to move faster or slower, do and learn things different ways than others.”


  • Happy Pride Month from Yann Hororwitz. It only takes a second to acknowledge and accept that the presence of the LGBTQ+ community is a part of the skateboarding community, every community. We’re everywhere. We’re in your home. Insane props to Hororwitz’s skating in later half of his ANGOLA part shared in the post.



  • Speaking of Vice entertainment; the product placement in this year’s Thrasher King of the Road was so stale it was almost an acceptable level for professional skateboarders. “We need you to eat a big mac!”Sure.
    Between this and that “permission to wear thrasher merch” card, it’s looking like a steep hill bomb to a corpo crypt for the Vice Media acquisition. Y’know the saying, “god wrote the bible but satan sold it.” Thanks Murdoch.


  • Oh and someone glorious shared this insight:

“Dying on a skateboard is queer because it blurs the skate/die binary.”

They’d better put that on a shirt or we will.


Thanks for reading.



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