Close to the Ground | 16th June

Hello, Friday. Here are some things:

Freddy Carrasco

Let me share with you this news via a blog post by the creative writer behind alternative comics crit/fan site Comics & Cola and ShortBox, a subscription based box-of-original-alt-comics publisher. They’ve just announced their latest collaboration with the swedes at Peow studios, contributing a completely new work, Hot Summer Nights.

lurking via by Freddy Carrasco

Peow studios is delivering the unique talent of Toronto based afro-futurist animator-illustrator Freddy Carrasco to the sub-box. 

Go read ShortBox’s article which brings with it a short preview of Carrasco’s contribution.

Freddy also does dope mixes. listen here.


An interview with Seth Price by the villiage psychic about their street installations sparks the kind of conversation I love about metropolitan street skating; the invisible lines between public, private, and privately-owned public space, which is real.

the nose bonk is pretty clear. “unskateable” my salt sweat shoestring belt.


And lastly, there’s still time to wrap up good in the oddest throwback range of softies avaliable.

Would an actual journalist query the exact machinations behind such designs by the boys at Parliament skate shop and No Cure magazine feature creature Luke Day

Surely, or else we wouldn’t have a bar for base journalistic standards to never attain.

Get in-store now if you’re after that reassuring nod of approval from yr homies at next week’s Bracken Ridge GSD activities.

If there’s other shit going down in brisbane for GSD then I’m sure you know about it. 

Have a rad weekend.

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I’m only just becoming aware of John Green as a skate filmmaker. I learned it was his filming that debuted the new Brisbane based bearing company Commodore in their very hype inducing “Hype Squad” edit just last week. One part founder and operator of Parliament skateshop, an underground haven dug out of 303 Adelaide St in the heart of the CBD, John’s made another debut under the exclusive release of Slam Magazine in their shop’s first full-length video. 

We had a Brisbane times article surface recently about the city’s late lack of interest in skateboarding under the quote “Brisbane ‘sucks’ if you’re a skateboarder in 2017”. I gassed briefly about this with John in-store and while the sentiment is mostly true, these locals in Paradise sure make an exception to that rule.

Watch the full video!